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March 2021 Zoom art class dates for your diary!

2021 kicked off with an exciting new venture for me, Teaching my artist studio painting practice via Zoom.

New dates: Book your March painting class Now.

"Making art is the perfect Diversional Therapy. "

If you need a distraction, painting is the perfect creative diversion.

If you're wanting to learn fun ways to create attractive colourful paintings, how to sketch with paint and explore colour theory, join the classes for step by step guidance on how to paint with watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylics...

Sign up for my next block of 4 classes in March 2021 on SATURDAYS at 4pm!

Check out my Gallery of lesson paintings below.

Book your place today and join me on Zoom in MARCH. Live lessons online Saturday in March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th at 4pm GMT!


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