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Save the Children Ayr art show 2019

Dear Friends, food and art lovers,

I have two shows on right now that I need to tell you about..

Right now, I have a solo show at my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh. I love this place.

Merienda in Stockbridge is a special place to eat.

Full of colour and flavour, I was really delighted when they invited me to hang my art on their walls. I have hung flower paintings and landscapes.

If you have the opportunity to eat at Merienda, I highly recommend it. Modern slow food served in a tapas style provides a fascinating culinary experience for your taste buds and a riot of colour for your eyes. Please let me know if you get a chance to see my show before the end of October 2019 and please enjoy the sensory experience.

I will be eating there on Friday 4th October with friends, so come say hi! xxx

My other show is a large charity show in Ayr.

Beautiful location. It's worth the day trip to walk in Rozelle and visit the gallery. I've sent 2 new coos to market! ;)

That's all for now!

Best wishes to you all...

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