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Picasso famously said "Every child is an artist"... But how to do we find this again as adults?

This January join in for Live painting classes with Scottish Artist Amy Hooton! Do you love the idea of painting but you have no idea where to start?

Have you painted in the past but forgotten how to use your creative muscles? 🧠

Are you a creative looking for fresh inspiration? 🎨

Perhaps you want to buy a unique gift for a friend?

There are so many reason to get started with painting. Beat the Lockdown boredom with painting!

Join my beginner water colour art class in January 2021. A chance to be creative, ask me art questions in my studio and whilst painting in the comfort of your own home! 🎨 EARLY BIRD 2020 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE £32 Normal price £40 from January 2021

The art course involves Four 1h live zoom art classes or a recording of the training, just in case you can't make it on the night. Suitable for all ages, although younger children may need adult help to organise their art spaces.

What will you get out of attending my course? It depends on how much enthusiasm you bring to the class. This is up to YOU! If you do the minimum you will have fun, enjoy 4 hours of painting practice with me, a chance to be sociable with other like minded people. And at the end you will have created a painting ready to frame and hang on the wall of your home. If you do maximum effort, you will do all of the above and create a collection of small paintings, a large painting and an artistic diary. You will also learn to express yourself with art materials daily and perhaps it will change your life!

Can art change my life? YES! Art has the potential to change your life. It's a great activity to relax and invigorate your day to day life! Art can relieve lockdown boredom, a chance to work mindfully and change your thinking processes. Art can heal you.

Do I need to be at the live course? If you cannot make the dates of the live meet ups, you will receive a link to the course which will be available via a recording.

What do I need to take part in this course? You don’t need many things to get started. It's possible to start drawing with just some Black ink. But this is my suggestion for minimum equipment for starting out...

EQUIPMENT LIST 1 set (Set of 12 colours plus white) of any of the following. Watercolour, acrylic, acrylic ink, inks, gouache liquid tubes or hard pans. Any water based art mediums you fancy using! A table with drop cloth, felt or table cloth you are ok with sacrificing to the art Gods! A Water bowl Jam Jar with extra water. Water sprayer bottle Salt shaker. Pencils, sharpener and rubber Buy a new Sketch book, "Your New Year 2021 Artistic Diary"! Brushes: Small and Large, at least 2 of different sizes. Small detail brush is helpful. LARGE BRUSH - By large I'm hoping 1 inch flat brush or bigger. (A Pastry brush or decorators brush does the job!) Paper - Watercolour thick. A3 pad of water colour thick paper. Scissors for cutting paper into smaller sizes. Roll of tissue paper, TP works!

Once you have completed my course you will walk away knowing: How to paint a landscape with water colour mediums How to develop your creativity to use and create textures, line, shape and colour in your art. How to relax and use your right brain to let the paint flow out of you brush. This art class is going to give your art hobby new energy, help you explore your creativity, delight you, it might even change your life. Running weekly, enjoy 4 art lesson sessions, teaching you how to paint a landscape. The theme will change with each block of 4 weeks.

Testimonials "It was such great fun. Amy takes you through the steps to create a beautiful painting of your own. She allows you to be independent and go off task if you would like to. She is easy to follow and gives you lots of tips and shares what she has learnt about materials and equipment - highly recommended"

“It was a super evening, so immersive and a wonderful way to relax and have fun together with Amy's expert guidance taking us step by step to build our water colour pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to joining Amy's weekly classes. A great way to spend a winter's evening when we can't meet up in person.” “It was lovely to get together and produce some art work in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Amy was very well organised and delivered a fun easy to follow art lesson. She had us work mindfully and it was great to get lost in the process. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the company of the other people present. Great event Amy thank you.”

Buy a Voucher TODAY and redeem it at the next available art class by Amy Hooton.


Vouchers are transferable and valid for 6 months.

To buy for a friend, purchase the Voucher and supply the email address of the gift recipient.

Zoom class link will be sent to the email of your choice, you or a friend.

email: for more details. January 2021 Course dates:

So far I have book Friday nights 8th 15th 22nd 29th at 8pm GMT Any Questions? get in touch!


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