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The glint of sun as it stretches across the water. The curve of a brush stroke. A moment caught on canvas. A moment caught in time. Time, in our new online world, is something we have so much of, yet so little. I love to paint. And I want to share it with the world. I strive to help you make time for yourself doing what you love. Join me as we make time for ourselves doing what we love.

Each week this fun, live in person, painting course will take your brushes to new places as I help you to expand your knowledge of colour, line, composition, texture and water colour techniques. Together, we will explore art in a shared learning experience.

Whether you are new to painting and interested in starting at the beginning, a dabbler wanting to reconnect back into an art community after lockdown, or a seasoned pro looking to loosen up with some fresh inspiration, this course offers a fun painting group environment for you to explore in the comfort of your own home.