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The glint of sun as it stretches across the water. The curve of a brush stroke. A moment caught on canvas. A moment caught in time. Time, in our new online world, is something we have so much of, yet so little. I love to paint. And I want to share it with the world. I strive to help you make time for yourself doing what you love. Join me as we make time for ourselves doing what we love.

Each week this fun, live in person, painting course will take your brushes to new places as I help you to expand your knowledge of colour, line, composition, texture and water colour techniques. Together, we will explore art in a shared learning experience.

Whether you are new to painting and interested in starting at the beginning, a dabbler wanting to reconnect back into an art community after lockdown, or a seasoned pro looking to loosen up with some fresh inspiration, this course offers a fun painting group environment for you to explore in the comfort of your own home.

Got Questions?

Why me? Why not. I am a practising artist and instructor with a Fine Art and Art History degree. I have created art for the past 20 years and I’m passionate about painting. Whether you are wanting to exhibit on your own wall or in a show, let me teach you something wonderful. Art is a gateway for our imagination. Once you have learnt the basic techniques, your imagination can take you anywhere.

Why my course? My live online classes gives you the opportunity to work with me directly, ask questions and share you work with like minded people. Shared learning experiences bring us together and teach us more than when we’re learning on our own. Join my lesson sharing space so we can discuss the results after the lesson has ended. This shared learning space can benefit us all as we upload our artworks to a private Facebook Group, discuss ideas and techniques that make each of our creations unique, long after each lessons has ended.

Why is it worth your time? Why now? Over the past 12 months our lives have changed dramatically and we find ourselves with either too much time, or not enough time for the activities we love. Whichever your situation, giving yourself the time to paint and do the things you love is essential in our busy lives. Personal time is vital for self care and my course gives you a place to relax with a paint brush in one hand…

Why is it good value to join my course? Each lesson picks a theme and expands on various aspects of painting, including colour wheel creation, Neuro-graphical line drawing, composition studies, abstraction, textures, brushes, watercolour techniques and effects, tips and tricks to develop your creativity.

Lessons are 90 minutes long and set over four consecutive weeks. All you need is some paper, some brushes and a small collection of paints. I mainly use water colours and gouache although any paint you have around your house will be fine. Reduce, reuse and recycle is one of my mottos. You don’t need a bursting studio to enjoy the simplicity of painting in my class.

What do you need to do?

Sign up! It’s that simple. The course is £60 and is purchasable through my website at the link below. Once you have signed up, I will get in touch to see if you have any questions about the course. art materials and equipment. There is a full list of equipment although it is not essential if you don’t have all the items. Most of these items you will already have lying around the house.

Sign up now!

Perhaps it will change your life!


“I am loving it so much. I hadn’t painted since school and now do it every weekend. Thanks so much for being such a great teacher!” - Rebecca

"It is such great fun. Amy takes you through the steps to create a beautiful painting of your own. She allows you to be independent and go off task if you would like to. She is easy to follow and gives you lots of tips and shares what she has learnt about materials and equipment - highly recommended" - Lindsay

“It was a super evening, so immersive and a wonderful way to relax and have fun together with Amy's expert guidance taking us step by step to build our water colour pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to joining Amy's weekly classes. A great way to spend a winter's evening when we can't meet up in person.” – Alison.

“It was lovely to get together and produce some art work in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Amy was very well organised and delivered a fun easy to follow art lesson. She had us work mindfully and it was great to get lost in the process. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the company of the other people present. Great event Amy thank you.” - Tessa

Old and young alike, we can all learn something new.


Saturday afternoons at 4pm; 24th April, 1st May, 8th May, 15th May 2021

Selection of student work shared after class

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