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Why not?!

Amy Hooton in Why Not? North Berwick

And now for a closer look at Bloo Coo with Hippy Coo. Bloo is the shy coo, shy but Oh so proud of Hippy for being the cover girl of the box. He's happy supporting Hippy in all her crazy adventures. They make the perfect pair for your mug shelf.

Then we have the beauty queens, Jessie and Jeremy the Jersey Coos.Yes - Jeremy is definitely a beauty queen too... Just look at how glamooorous they are on these gorgeous Fine Bone China mugs. They may be Jersey Coos, but they live and love in Scotland. The creamiest milk you'll ever taste comes from Jersey Cows. So why not add your favourite milk, and even better a wee touch of of your favourite cocoa to make them the perfect hot chocolate receptacles. Mooooo...Tea is pretty good too...

And yes... they love a good smoooooooch...

I hope you get chance to visit my shop at Why Not? North Berwick. I'll be there till end of July at least!

Don't forget to enter my WIN A COMMISSION COMPETITION!

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