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Mooooove over!

And by kiss the coo, I mean wrap your lips around one or two of these lovely fine bone china mugs!

Below, in a little teaser video, is the final design and production of my limited edition Jersey Coo mugs. Big thanks to everyone that gave their suggestions and assistance in the creation of these beautiful mugs (and the coo's aren't bad either!) as these two mugs are the prize give away for the competition that is still running until the 31st! So don't let that stop you still giving your opinion on the Facebook post!

These exquisite mugs are also available to buy from the 24th March 2017 from my Etsy store and from the "Popping Up in Stockbridge" store (conveniently located in Stockbridge, Edinburgh). Stay tuned for other vendors that may be appearing near you!

They come as a pair featuring my two Jersey Coos, Jessie and Jeremy, on the classic fine bone Windsor mug. The mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Coinciding with the release of these mugs will be another competition involving the actual mug or mugs themselves! Buy your Kissing Coos set now to get an exclusive competition offer inside your mugs before everyone else does! And the prize for that competition will be grand indeed!

Now, remember, these mugs are a limited edition, so don't miss out! These two kissing coos would make a lovely addition to your bright and sunny morning!

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