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How highland can yer coo go? A cow mug Competition

Whether your are sipping a hot mug of coffee, a herbal tea or any other wonderful beverage that can be poured into one of my darling cow mugs, whatever your flavour, I want you to share that moment with me, my mugs and the world! Where do you picture yourself during that serene (or busy) moment? High on a hill with a buena vista? In the middle of a bustling street unable to decide which cafe deserves your custom? (Especially if you've brought your own mug!) Join the competition fun today!

All great competitions have great prizes and the prize for this competition is a commissioned painting worth £250! And you even get to choose which kind of commission you would like! I'll paint your favourite view or indeed... favourite cow!

So I'm introducing my new competition "How highland can yer coo go?" exclusive to those that have purchased my mugs as the full invitation can be found within each and every box set of Cow mugs, whether the Heilan Coos or the Kissin' Coos! I want you to join in, so pick up your camera and a set of mugs today. Find your favourite set in my Etsy Shop!

How to enter the competition... It's really simple...

Take your cow mug to an outlandish location, an inland-ish room or even a sea-ish boat would do and snap away. Be creative! Be yourself, be mysterious, just be. Be one with your mug (okay i'm going too far now) but I'm sure you get the picture. And you're welcome to take more than one! Although if you do, make each one unique! It's more fun that way!

The best photo, whether its photographic brilliance, creative, or the plain simplicity of how much you love drinking from my mugs, wins! Have fun, do something wild!

Once you have taken your photos and chosen the best, please submit it to me by email at

T's & C's

By submitting your photo you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the competition. The photo must contain one or more of my cow mugs. The photo must be emailed to By submitting you are giving me permission to use your photo for publicity and advertising purposes in relation to the competition and the associated mugs. The image may be shared online but for the above stated purposes only.

The prize winner will be chosen by Amy Hooton. The size of the painting commission will be 30cm by 40cm, unframed and worth £250 including delivery and insurance. The winner may choose the commission of either a Landscape or Cow.

Multiple entries are allowed up to a maximum of five.

The end date for this competition is 31st October 2017.

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