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2 weeks a single artist parent

Daddy Benjamin has gone home to Sydney for 2 weeks, leaving me alone with the children and my art. The first day was a bit sad for us all, except Talyn - who has ruthless I'll-be-fine attitude. I was alone at work too, so I didn't perk up until a colleague came in this afternoon. But after work I collected the kids from their grandparents who kindly fed us all and returned home to catch up. Quick efficiency in the house and family department. When its just you doing it, it's amazing how fast it gets done. Homework, tidy up, washing, made bed, kids reading and bedtime. I'm beginning to list the chores like Daddy does. Gone for barely 18 hours... haha!

This evening, was all about my art catch up planning time. I've written to a few gallery contacts. Agreed to a group show in Haddington in May. Started planning my creative entrepreneurial activities for the next few months. I have a new Gallery in Falmouth Cornwall, Art to deliver, art festival in June, new corporate clients, I will be producing lovely china mugs for markets and shops and selling prints and cards too.

Lots of things going on this year! It's very exciting.

If you have any questions so far...

Here are the two new cow card proofs along with the Hippy Coo giftcard.

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