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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We're almost there...

I hope you've survived this Monkey year of madness. I think we are all desperate for this year to end now. So much pain and misery everywhere in the world. It's been a hard heartbreaking year. And unbelievably bonkers in many other respects.

For me and my art 2016 has been incredibly rewarding, hard work and inspiring. It was challenging at times but fun and filled with creativity... I've learnt so much, met so many new people who have each inspired and helped in their own way. I'm so grateful, all my goals and everything I dreamed for began to happen this year. I'm delighted to have created commissions almost consistently all year long. Placing my trust in the universe that it will continue is terrifying but exciting. And I have lots of new ideas for the new year. 2017.... I'm looking forward to a New Year, fresh energy, new inspiration and some of my planned projects materialising. Hard work but amazing experiences to come. I can't wait!

Right now, I'm very run down, feeling like my edges are frayed and I need a holiday. And thankfully I'm having one. So this is it, my 2016 round up. Farewell from me for 2 weeks. Lots of love from Scotland!

Have a great holiday and good luck!

Sending positive thoughts your way for healthy, happy and successful new beginnings in the New Year of the Rooster! Bring it on!

Best wishes from Amy xx

PS Last chance to use the 30% discount code is 31st December. Use the code "AMYART30" in my Etsy Shop

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