Abstract Commissions

So the thing about painting commissions... sometimes you get clients who have something in their head, and you have to work out what that is. It takes some time as a result. But exploring is so much fun. And you get to go somewhere completely new. Which is certainly what I did for Sofi's Lime Blue VA Office wall. Quite a different project for me, but still with my Amy Hooton style.

Which is exciting for the prospects of where I could go next with an abstract series. I was imagining this in purples blues and greens. Intense colours. But I love the reds...

Red Lily Swirl installed.

Happy Artist Happy Client!

Amy Hooton Artist Cards

I've made my cards available for sale individually £3 each and as a set for £13. Please visit my Etsy shop.

Perfect for Hallowe'en

And here's my cheeky pumpkin...

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