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This year... has been amazing.

In so many ways it has been terrifying, crazy, unexpected, politically depressing. So much change and upheaval on every level of life. Not to mention all the celebrity deaths... We started the year in Sydney "dancing in the streets" thinking of David Bowie with our Aussi family. It was balmy January.

And then it was like... a roller coaster.... And we are still hoping the ride ends soon and somewhere safe.

Somewhere, along the ride, my art came back to life. I'm so grateful to Catriona for the first commission this year. She set me on a course of massive change and growth. I've painted so much this year, after quite a while changing nappies. So It feels exhilarating to paint again, to sell again and receive commissions! I love commissions. It suits my style well I think. I like to experiment and create a few ideas for each client. Gives me an excuse to paint after all! Which is what it is ALL ABOUT!

love painting heart floral white red abstract Amyhooton

So much change, so much development, so many new friends, commissions and creations this year. It has been wonderful. I love my artist life.

And now I have a brand new website through which to share all my creations with the world. It has a SHOP! And a BLOG! All in one place. I love it!

So the year began with a commission from an old friend. She wanted a painting for her first home. She now has two paintings for her first home!

This Bear...

bear abstract walking ursine colourful amyhooton

And this Beach...

bass rock scotland seascape abstact landscape sea

Which turned out to be her favourite beach! How amazing is that...

And then the commissions didn't stop. I met lots of new friends through networking circles, who gave me ideas for my business and inspiration for progression. I set down my GOALS! And they all seemed to get done...

I found a Gallery to give me a SOLO SHOW for two whole months!

My GOALS get blown out the water.

And NEXT... I have a Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder taking work for their Christmas group show.

It's been amazing.

And I have you to thank...

Boy Bear Cuddle Boris Hunter  Children art Amyhooton

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