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Dear friends and art lovers,

Please come along to my next show opening at the FLAT CAT GALLERY. That's right, I said Flat not FAT! Go away Garfield...

The Flat Cat Gallery have invited me to exhibit around 15 new paintings along with Linda Petty in their lovely gallery space in Lauder! The show will be open throughout MAY and JUNE!

There will be an opening event on 6th May, in the afternoon. I'll be there with my family to meet you between 2-4pm. Please come, enjoy the Gallery, Cafe and Giftshop at the Flat Cat Gallery, High Street, Lauder.

See you on 6th May, 2-4pm!

Best wishes

Amy x

What Lies above, what lies below. by Amy Hooton

Loch Fine Reflections by Amy Hooton

Sea Loch by Amy Hooton

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