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Zookeeper Graphic Novel by Benjamin Morgan

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"Every morning I look out this window and I cannot comprehend what is happening. I have emerged into an empty world, people are gone. Lost? Hiding? Dead? I do not know. Where they are, is just one of my problems. My main problem is right outside that window. Maybe they are the same problem, but that’s crazy."
Zookeeper: What Does it Mean to be Alone in this world? is the first volume of the story of John, a botanist who has emerged after a year long experiment, into a world devoid of humans. But he is not alone. Never have we been alone.
John has to journey through a new world fraught with many dangers and discoveries to unearth the truth. But the truth can break more than just one man. It can break us all.
To sacrifice one for the many? Isn’t that what being human is all about?
Zookeeper is a 128 page dystopian graphic novel that asks the first of many questions about our place in the natural world, regardless of how removed we are from it.
Created by Benjamin Morgan and drawn by Wolf Chi, Zookeeper has been 15 years in the making and will finally be available from August 2020.


"It's mysterious, and constantly intriguing, with horror often hovering in the background......Zookeeper is brilliant." Alan Grant - Batman, Lobo, Judge Dredd

Zookeeper: Volume One is a thrilling graphic novel telling the story of John, a botanist, emerging from isolation after a year long study to discover a world devoid of humans. His mind fraught with the endless possibilities of mankind's demise, the truth is more horrific than John could have ever imagined. John must use all his wits to survive the dangerous game of cat and mouse if he ever wants to see his wife again.
"Zookeeper raises interesting questions, and navigates a world full of (very) relevant themes, such as the environmental impact of humans, and fear of isolation." - Stref - Milk, Raising Amy, JM Barrie's Peter Pan
Zookeeper is a story that questions mankind's relationship with the animal kingdom and delves into where our position in the natural world should be, before it's too late. It's hard to hold onto your humanity when you are alone in this world......
"Praise for the artist...his art is in turns, bleak, horrific and almost normal. A great job by any standard." - Alan Grant
Not only is Zookeeper a gripping read but a visual feast meticulously exhibiting a world without humans. From double splash pages to miniature detail, Zookeeper's art and pace will have the reader dying to know what happens next....and to give you a taste, we have included a few pages below to gorge your eyes on!
"It wasn't long before I was totally reassured that this story would sustain its gripping premise, suspense, and development." - Graz Richards
"You hooked me from Page 1 and didn't let go until the last page!" - Alan Grant.
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