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About Amy Hooton 

Short Biography

Amy Hooton, artist born Edinburgh 1980.   Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2003.   A trained sculptor, turned painter whilst living in China in 2005.  Highly inspired by Chinese abstract ink landscapes, and combining this fascination with previous experience of working with a Batik artist in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  I undertook a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, USA, in May 2005, where I developed the beginnings of my style you see today.  Once I left Asia I had to translate my style for Western art materials with interesting results.

My abstract painting style has refined over the years.  I now concentrate on abstracted landscapes and animals, my art is inspired by nature. Experimentations with water based mediums, inks and accidents.  My other artistic influences include Kandinski and Klimt.

Over the years I have exhibited in numerous locations at art fairs across the UK, and overseas in San Francisco.  My work is available to see in Stick Factory, Edinburgh. I also exhibit in various charity exhibitions across Scotland and take part in the annual Three Harbours Art Festival in East Lothian. 

Always updating my online gallery and shop at www.amyhooton.com

Artist Exhibition Statement

What is this world we live in? How is it possible that a west Scottish coastline that I have returned to, and painted a hundred times in my life, has never changed; yet chaos is constantly reshaping the world around us? Where is the medium? And what shall that medium be? For me, it's Art.

"Colour is a means of exerting direct influence on the soul." Kandinski

You will tell from my art, that I like colour. I find its hues inviting, the blending of colours obsessional. Like a mad scientist desperately wanting a new discovery, I mix and separate to create my own style of painting presented in this body of works. I have spent years perfecting a multi-staged process that is unique, intriguing, semi-autonomous, complex yet simple, but most importantly colourful! Art is for observing so i enjoy giving the viewer plenty to absorb. So keep an eye out for the small details hidden within the paintings!

I left school a sculptor. All my creations up till that point was created three dimensionally. Naturally, I studied Sculpture at Edinburgh Art College for 5 years and it was there that i discovered my love of the "process" in art making. I finished my degree and applied for a residency in Vermont, USA, to further my studies. As the residency was not due to start for another 18 months, I decided to take the long road in getting there, which lead me down a different path I did not expect.

That road lead me through China, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. From Indo Batik to Laos weaving, Buddhist temple art to Chinese Ink paintings, I loved the different styles particular to each country and culture. Whilst staying in China i was introduced to Naruo, a Na'xi artist friend of the family, who shared the art studio in my cousin's basement. He showed me his technique, I showed him mine. I would watch him produce bodies of work that were fluid, organic and spontaneous. It was in that studio in Beijing that i discovered the beginnings of my own "process" which would develop into what my art has become today.

Discovering Painting made me reassess where my art was going and having worked with sculpture for years I found the constraints of gravity and planning, required to create 3D works, hemmed me in creatively. By the time i arrived in Vermont for my residency, I headed into the painting studio, instead of the sculpture studio.

"A true artist can turn any mistake into a masterpiece" unknown

Painting became my passion. It allows me to artistically express myself at any given moment, spontaneity. When i drew in college, I was obsessed with negative spaces and lines, spotting patterns in everything around me, from the microscopic to the megascopic. In my painting, similar visual tendencies usher me back to finding the microscopic details found within the ink.

For the past decade i have painted a variety of different themes using a mixture of materials including inks, gouache, watercolour and metallic pens. You could surmise that the main theme that runs through my work is the Environment. The world we live in, not the world we have created as a society. It's animals [where we come from], landscapes [where we are], space and beyond [where we want to go]. Although the aspects of those themes change with my mood, and daily inspiration, the one constant thread is the colour that runs through everything I do. This has led me to use my art as voice and I continue to explore these themes, because they matter. 

When I'm not painting, I run a small letting agency. In 2010 Hunter was born, followed by Talyn in 2012, so my art took a backseat, but I continued to paint whenever I could. I also do lots of photography and play violin in the Meadow’s Chamber Orchestra.

Many thanks for visiting…

Amy Hooton